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Through our many years in the computer business we have been regularly building websites for both our clients and ourselves, and during that time, gathered many domains in the process. Whether for a project that never materialized, or a specific niche that we engaged in, we simply have too many domains & websites to properly develop & maintain.

Many of our domains are still intended as future projects, but we would like to lighten our workload a bit, and offer our inventory to the public to reduce the number of projects & domains we have to work on. Note that we are only selling the domains, websites or hosting are not included with any domain.

Please spend a few minutes looking around to see if anything interests you. We have many domains in different niches, as well as many keyword specific domains.

You can browse by category for domains in a particular niche, or search by keyword for domains.

We provide buy now links where possible, or you are always welcome to make an offer on a specific domain.

Depending on the value we place on the domain, we may accept, reject, or counter offer. If there is no buy now link, please feel free to make an offer.

To ensure safe & easy transactions, we use godaddy premium listings, godaddy auction listings, or the services of escrow.com to handle payments.

Also be sure to check our specials page. We are reducing our inventory rapidly, and have many domains for $100 and under. Go take a look, we have a lot of great domains going for bargain prices.

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